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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Winnipeg Police Chief's right hand man?

Monique Turenne is now in custody in Florida and cannot speak for herself. Please read her story carefully and do what you can to inform others about the facts of her case.

Canadians and Americans alike should be ashamed at the disrepute Loren Schinkel has brought to the justice system on both sides of the border. I reprint Monique's story in her own words

Monique Turenne speaks out for the first time

March 31, 2003

Chief J.J. Ewatski Winnipeg Police Service 151, Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L1

Dear Sir:

I have read your letter addressed to Ms. Sheila Steele dated March 20, 2003 which was posted on the injusticebusters website.

It goes without saying that, as Chief and supervisor of the Winnipeg Police Service, you felt compelled to voice your opinion and your subordinates' innocence. You also questioned the fairness of posting any allegations of wrongdoing against Mr. Schinkel and Sergeant Thiessen in my case.

What is unfair in this case are the following:

a) That I had endured approximately 9 1/2 hours of intense interrogation, threats and ridicule at the hands of two experienced detectives who knowingly brought me in under false pretence, held me against my will, refused my rights to a lawyer (actually Schinkel laughed when he noted that my lawyer was in Florida and couldn't/wouldn't be there in time), and threatened to lock me up if I didn't immediately sign their statement.

b) That I wrote only one sentence on the hand-written statement, 'I don't believe any of this'. Schinkel and Thiessen were not impressed by my insistence and stubbornness to prove my innocence and time was running out. When I refused to sign the hand-written statement, I was once again threatened to be locked up until I did so, thereby missing my husband's funeral. Exhausted and at my wits end, I 'printed' my name instead. Again your officers were taken aback by my act of defiance. At one of the extradition hearings, a typed police statement was presented. Needless to say that this 'rewritten' version did not include my one sentence nor was the signature the same. Your two officers took it upon themselves to rewrite their version minus my one sentence and forge my signature. Unfortunately for them, their version of events can and will be proven fabricated.

c) That my father, Jean-Emile Paille, called the Winnipeg Police (Princess Street) at two different times during the early morning hours of February 15th wanting to know my whereabouts and when I would be returned. At 5:00 a.m., he presented himself at your office. Sergeant Thiessen greeted him and assured him that I would return home shortly. At no time did Sergeant Thiessen indicate to my father that I was locked in an interrogation room against my will. My father would have acted differently had Sergeant Thiessen given him any reason to suspect police wrongdoing. Sergeant Thiessen deliberately lied to my father in order to secure more time for my confession (I still hadn't signed their statement) and to avoid him contacting a lawyer. This on-going police practice of forceful confessions has resulted in many wrongful charges and convictions. Your two officers overstepped their legal boundaries by utilising the Reid Technique and deliberately lying to my father.

d) That Mr. Schinkel and Sergeant Thiessen took two (2) police statements from my abusive ex-husband, Henry Thorimbert. That these two statements, taken days apart, contradict each other. In January 2003, Mr. Thorimbert advised our son that he never gave, signed a second police statement. He denies having met the Winnipeg Police on February 14th. He indicated that same either doesn't exist or that the Winnipeg Police forged his signature. Mr. Thorimbert is either denying same as he realizes that he committed perjury (his 2nd statement can be proven false) OR the Winnipeg Police knowingly took a fabricated and false 2nd statement from an abusive ex-husband OR the Winnipeg Police forged his signature. In any case, the Winnipeg Police did not act in good faith and will be held accountable. Although these statements don't form part of the extradition request, these were to be used at trial. The authorities thought to use Mr. Thorimbert's statement in establishing motive of financial gain in case their 'affair' theory failed.

e) Mr. Schinkel swore in his affidavit that WO Pierre Raymond of National Defence requested the Winnipeg Police interrogate me. This was confirmed untrue by many sources, including Dan Lett of the Winnipeg Free Press. When further investigated, the Winnipeg Police changed their story. They admitted that quote, 'It must have been the military police who requested same' unquote. Again this was proven false. Note that the Winnipeg Police refused to answer any further questions in this matter. They had been caught in their lies. As the Florida authorities had no authority to question me without my US lawyer, the Winnipeg Police were asked to do so. The Winnipeg Police removed me from my parents' home under false pretence, thereby avoiding the Miranda legalities. In their creative approach, no one would suspect their wrongdoing and no lawyer would be contacted. This further confirms that Mr. Schinkel signed a perjured affidavit in his description of the events of February 14th 1996.

f) That Madame Justice Steel ordered my extradition based on Loren Schinkel's affidavit and the rewritten Winnipeg Police statement.

Schinkel and Thiessen have acted inappropriately throughout this case. Their actions and wrongdoings were brought up at the Extradition hearings. Unfortunately, I have no rights under the present Extradition Law and Madame Justice Steel would not examine our evidence or order disclosure/voir dire. I am fighting to change said Law and have the trial held in Winnipeg. A Winnipeg trial will certainly expose this injustice and the Winnipeg Police misconduct.

Winnipeg Police Service has since refused to answer any questions in my case. Although nothing further has been done since their wrongdoings of February 1996, their reason has always been, quote 'There an on-going investigation.' unquote. Nothing has been done on this case since their wrongdoings in February 1996.

Ralph Crompton was convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of my husband. His version of events was not only proven unbelievable, but IMPOSSIBLE. He has undertaken numerous appeals and failed. In 2001, he again appealed and finally introduced a new suspect. ('Diablo' was also brought forth in the Winnipeg Free Press exclusive article in 2000. One of Ralph Crompton's friends was also asked to find 'Diablo' days after Crompton's arrest.) This declaration, which inches towards the truth, was never investigated by the Florida authorities or the Winnipeg Police. Needless to say that a new suspect would only complicate matters and question the authenticity of my alleged Winnipeg Police statement and the negligent investigation by both police departments.

Although you were not Chief of Police in 1996, you have been aware of this case. When a citizen of Winnipeg lodges a complaint against a member of the police force, it is your duty to investigate same. My father wrote you a letter in September 2001 detailing some of the discrepancies and wrongful actions of Mr. Schinkel and Sergeant Thiessen. You didn't even bother to respond.

My case, along with other cases, is exposed on injusticebusters.com. This website serves to bring forth instances of injustices and wrongdoings by the authorities. Your officers have had many opportunities to answer for their actions, but have either refused or hidden between the curtains of justice in this extradition case. Their misconduct and lack of professionalism in manifesting evidence has contributed to dire consequences in my case. Remember they are not the victims of malicious prosecution or manufactured cases: they are the perpetrators.

Rest assured that this matter will not disappear. Police wrongdoings are of public concern. The Winnipeg Police Service will be required to answer for their actions. Yours truly,

Monique Turenne

CC : Mr. Greg Brodsky Injusticebusters.com Joyce Milgaard/AIDWYC Dan Lett - Winnipeg Free Press

i have no say in turrene's case except that the judge, michael overstreet, may not be qualified. he presided over my child relocation case. how is a qualified to serve in a murder trial? turenne's attorney needs to protest that only a judge who is experienced in murder cases should be assigned to the case.
i am a panama city, florida resident.

I have much proof of this in the series of malfeasant stmts from our case, too - which could ultimately not even be used in trial as they was so obviously contrived!!

Sociologically speaking,
we KNOW Police Lie - hell, we expect it, it's the very nature of surveillance or interrogation!
It is only common sense folks, that any police stmt that is not 'ratified on the stand' by the author, should be highly suspect as false evidence!! No?

Worse, an 'investigation' is actually just the task of manufacturing evidence to support the favoured theory.

Police culture demands that even when they are clearly WRONG, once a pivotal decision is made, the rest of the system only functions to back it up - there is no pokayoke for the administration of justice...it is more important to protect the image of the bureaucracy than find the Truth.
I dare anyone to prove me wrong.
This is more fully discussed and documented in the article, "Do Police Lie?!" found on the Free Darren Koehn website.
Don't believe the hype. For a cop to pretend to be objective is a oxymoron... and wasn't it recommended by an recent Inquiry that only complete VIDEOTAPED stmts be admitted to trial ??!!
Never give up. Never give in.

while we're on the subject of police abusing the community; anybody ever consider the serial killer dumping dead prostitutes just outside of the city of Edmonton is a member of EPS? who has a lower opinion of drug addicted prostitutues than policemen? who has a dangerous martyr complex and sees themselves as above reproach and without fault? these girls are subject to revenge or punishment killings, not torturous sexual gratification killings. this killer sees himself as an enforcer of the law! perhaps it is a cop!?

I only stumbled onto your website and its corresponding blog but I was upset enough by the content -- especially in relation to the Turenne case -- that I thought I'd post a comment. It's interesting to see a site such as yours describing media outlets, such as the Winnipeg Sun, as "the gutter press". I say this not in defense of the Sun (!), but rather as a comment on the content and style of your own page. When accessing this site, it is immediately apparent that its operators do not have any journalism or investigative training themselves. This absence of training and/or professionalism is most blatantly obvious through the site's treatment of victims families, as I mentioned before particularly in relation to the Turenne case. These are people who did not chose these circumstances for themselves, but were rather thrust into these situations of stress and pain by the violent and careless actions of others. For your site to characterize these people as "money hungry" or of otherwise corrupt motivation is both unethical and immoral. Unless you have evidence to substantiate your allegations, it is perhaps best to keep your slander to a minimum.
I'm tempted to say "leave the investigating up to the professionals", but I do believe that forums like these are often useful. However, in the case of injusticebusters.com it appears that the "skill sets" guiding your actions are not sufficient to permit the site to qualify as a legitimate operation. To be frank, this is a glorified high school gossip page. Anyone can lift news from other sources and frame it with incediary/slanderous/conspiracy-nut-esque comments. If you ever hope to gain any form of respect or legitimacy you should definitely make an attempt to uphold basic professional standrads.


Miss Turenne or associate,

Please contact us in the USA at
1+(352)-406-7155 regarding your present circumstances.

Thank you.

I don't know what to believe because this web-site kinda swings in the favor of the accused and by the looks of it blows things out of proportion much in favor of the accused. I have followed some of the trial and my question is "why didn't she take the stand @ her own trial and what would she have to lose by telling about a "pony-tailed man". In my mind, she chose not to because the prosecutor would have shredded her story to bits. And why did she attempt suicide if she had nothing to do with her husband's murder, to me that raises my eyebrow as kinda of suspicious. So you, Sheila Steele, tell me this why do you actually think that Monique Turenne is so innocent and by the way the web-site looks. I mean, seriously, in this day and age the police and U.S authorities kinda come across as "corrupt cops" that are seen in movies. Where you there, Sheila, when Ms. Turenne was being interrogated against her will? And how can you believe any thing that comes out of Monique's mouth?

Remember, the military had already investigated Monique Turenne before she left Florida with her children and furniture in a NORAD plane. She was cleared of suspicion by them.

I, too, am puzzled that she did not take the stand and that she was not granted the funds to fly in a key witness from Ottawa.

No, I was not present during the nine hour interrogation of Monique Turenne. Interestingly enough, neither was a tape recorder or video camera. Apparently thiessen told the court that Monique Turenne specifically requested that the interview not be taped and so they failed to record it as a courtesy to her!

I believe Monique Turenne when she tells me she did not have an affair with Ralph Crompton and I am aware of evidence she has to prove this. I was shocked that this evidence was not presented at her trial.

I was told by Monique Turenne on the Sunday after her conviction that her public defender did not, as she requested, visit injusticebusters' website to familiarize himself with the case. He did not spend any time with her preparing the case. What was the point? The defence was allowed only a couple days and to properly present a defence in a murder case would have required a couple weeks and the funds to subpoena witnesses.

This is a problem in both Canada and the U.S. The law may state that an accused is entitled to full answer and defence but in practical terms if he or she does not have money they are not going to get it.

This web page is has it sooo wrong regarding Ms. Turenne. She is a liar when she says a "pony-tailed man" broke in their home and etc. Over the years, her appeals were nothing but stalls to avert going to FLA. to take her medicine. I am glad she did not get a trial here in Winnipeg where she would have slipped through the cracks and gotten away with murder. She wanted the trial here on a reduced charge of man-slaughter. Now what does this tell you, it tells you she did, in fact, have something to do with her husbands murder.
Otherwise, she would have requested that no trial be held ANYWHERE for that matter.
She is where she deserves to be, in a Bay County jail cell.

I'd known Monique Turenne for some time through school, came to know her better when her former husband and her were dating, eventually marrying. I came to the conclusion quickly she was cut from a different cloth than all of us who hung out together, watched her put my friend thru hell then lost track of her until Dave Turenne's demise. Nothing I've read or heard about this case surprises me, this is classic Monique, including the "pony-tailed man", lying to the end and beyond. What does come to mind whenever I do update myself on her situation is that her former husband is a lucky man, as it could have been him......and may well have been had he tried to make their marriage work. We'd buried a couple of the boys already prior to all this, we didn't need to bury another one. I feel very sorry for Dave's family / relatives / friends, sometimes you wish you could warn someone but in reality, you can't do that and probably wouldn't be thought of as credible anyways. To InjusticeBusters, you're barking up the wrong tree. You don't know the 1/2 of it when it comes to what makes Monique Paille really tick!

I find it very sad that people are so quick to judge others based on little or no knowledge of the person that is being judged. Monique is a very good friend of mine and I know she could not have done what she is accused of. Her primary concern has always been for her children and there is no way she would jeopardize her freedom if it meant she could not be with them. She had already been through one nasty divorce, what difference would one more make? I don't like blaming the victim and I won't go into details but has anyone ever bothered to check out what kind of man Monique was really married to??

this isn't the first nor the last time thiessen and partner will frame someone why hasn't anyone exposed them.yes I was a witness for the crown in a case where this cop had lied and let the real suspect go.crooked cop crooked cop

I have heard about "Pro" web-sites and this is definitely one of them. The fact about these particular web-sites is........they are run by people who think they know it all. When they only know the half of the situation. By the look of this web-site. I would have to say, the author doesn't know a faction of what has occurred. I spoke to my law prof. about this and he advised me to ignore everything that is printed in here. The majority of society ignore web-sites such as this one anyways. Ms. Steele face it already. By siding and believing what Ms. Turenne has to say. You come across as a fool and you will be proven to be one. When her appeal is denied. If that happens well now you can't say that no one warned you.

The only injustice in the Turenne case is that it took so long to bring her to trial. If not for her stall tactics her sons may have had a chance for a happy life with the families who love them. Instead they were brainwashed by a pathological liar, their mother! Monique is guilty of taking far more lives than just that of David.

Jimmy Theissen is famous here in good old Killer peg..... Useless when it comes to SOLVING crimes like homicide....but man can he take statements.... NOT on video the way it's suppose to be done...
The guy could da been a cheap dime store novelist........ oh wait a sec... I forgot that is what he is!
Then his buddies from Rogue Crew swear out afidavides Bona Fide that everything Thiessen states is truth........ so help them GOD... cause no one else can.....

Can't sign my name cause this SOB killed my son... My only son and got away with it.

I don't believe for one second that Monique Turenne is innocent. She is guilty and I, like David Turenne's sister Sue English, was disappointed that a 1st degree murder conviction wasn't reached. But there's three pleasures in this. 1. Monique cannot be a bad influcence on her kids. 2. She will be an old hag when she comes out. and 3. She is finally held accountable for the betrayal and death of her honest husband. And one more, Ms. Steele, where is this evidence of no affair ever happening between Crompton and Turenne. How in the world do u present evidence like that. Gawd. Sheila are you that gulliable that you will believe that the moon is made out of green cheese?! Pffff......please.

The following discussion was in the Michael Cardamone discussion so I moved it here:

A newspaper quoted one Winnipeg Police Member as sayng that the Hells Angels and other ciminal organizations as mirroring thier heiarchy, and that should cleary indicate to any thinking human being who the real gang is. In response to the police falsely securing warrents to execute and then have the cases dropped due to police incompetance. Well, its not imcompetence to the officers raiding a known haven or den to known criminals, because if the cases were successfully prosecuted, ie: the offender pleads guilty, ha, then the powers that be lose the revnure obtained by stealing drug money that goes unreported, lets not forget electronics and exspensive items seized by the officer excuting the warrents.These raids are designed to fall apart at the court level so they can collect items that arent reported because of an "illegal search warrents" and "illegal raids" I would love to see RRCA go into the homes of Jack Ewatski's and his band of rogue merry men, epsecially his sargent at arms Theisson and Schnicall, and his strikers who call themselves "Rogue Crew" and see what is pulled out of thier BASEMENTS!


in defense of Mrs Steele abd the comments from the law student, they say in the business, no credit is bad credit, and you dont have a record to speak off, so shuuuuuuuut up, cause your paper dosent make you invincable.And by the time you think your going to have your firm, you wont cause all the funds will have been depleted by your corrupt predecessors and youll have criminals to look forward to paying your bills, so open your mouth wide and say ahhhhhh cause eventually itll be for free dear child


Monday, October 31, 2005


Tokarchuk found guilty
Jury rejects self-defence argument in murder of Hells Angels associate
By Mike McIntyre, Winnipeg Free Press, November 24th, 2004


(f)(excerpt) Wearing a black suit, the shackled Tokarchuk didn't even make eye contact with his mother, Diane, who sat quietly alone in the back of the crowded courtroom. She showed no reaction at any point during the two-week trial, even when a chilling police video of her yet-to-be murdered son, Kevin, was played for jurors.
In section 1(f) it speaks of a video taped statement K.Tokarchuk provided to police and was played for the jurors, prior to his death, could it be that this tape was also played to other people held in custody in an effort to “investigate”, such as T.Savioe who does have a corresponding date of charge and arrest in court registry, and he went right to tokarchuk’s address in a fit of anger all the while the police have the tokarchuk residence under surveillance.

(k)(excerpt) No arrests have been made in Kevin's killing, which occurred in the garage behind the family's home.
Several sources have told the Free Press a potential suspect was identified, but has since died of a suspected drug overdose. The man was an associate of the Hells Angels.

In section 1(k)Yes and a few others that have commited suicide, murdered, natural causes, and the such, and is proved that this doesnt only apply to the criminal element.

(u)(excerpt) Crown attorney Bob Morrison vehemently disagreed, saying an assault must be on the verge of happening.
"According to (Brodsky's definition), if you get threatened by a Hells Angels, you can just go get a gun and kill one," he said.

Section 1(u) Just who is this man prosecuting, is he not a prosecutor who has many members of HA in custody and looking for conviction?

(z)(excerpt) XXXXXXXXXXX told court she saw two men wearing black leather jackets with a red winged logo on the back, carrying guns and standing over Savoie's dead body seconds after the shooting. She said three other men appeared to be standing nearby.

Section 1(z) Once authorized, pictures obtained from Winnipeg Hotels and bars will be posted showing the difference between vests and jackets as mandated by copyright and trademark laws.

A (1)(excerpt) Morrison described the evidence of XXXXXXXX as "sad, pathetic and disturbed."

Section 1A(1) Once again, this was Senior Crown Prosecutor Robert Morrison’s one chance to expand the investigation into Hells folklore and successfully prosecute them and he “shot” it down

H (1)(excerpt) Tokarchuk denied picking the shell casings up from the scene, and couldn't explain why police never found them.
Police also found no weapons on Savoie or near the scene, where he collapsed and died after being shot three times – including one bullet straight through the heart.


5 19-Dec-2003 Winnipeg-QB EXHIBIT LIST C-6 GUN BOX #8


Section1H(1) Very clearly the registry says guns were apart of the exhibit list, not according to original police testimony, guns are continually being moved and handled in many other cases related to this one as well.


Crown attacks defence witness
Tokarchuk jury told of 2 gun-toting bikers
By Mike McIntyre, November 17th, 2004

(a)(excerpt) THE Daniel Tokarchuk second-degree murder trial took a surprising turn yesterday when a defence witness told jurors she saw two gun-toting bikers laughing over Trevor Savoie's body seconds after he was shot.
One of the men -- who XXXXXXX said was wearing a leather jacket with a red wing on the back -- appeared to have his foot on the victim's head while pointing a handgun towards him, she testified. The other man appeared to be a dark-skinned, possibly native, teen, she said.

Section 2 (a)Foot on victims head, presuming this is true, you can fairly assume is was a tactical move

(b) "They were bikers," she said, adding she had seen at least one of them previously driving around the neighbourhood.
XXXXXXX told jurors she rushed back inside the home she shared with her husband, son and mother and went to sleep. She didn't speak with police until the following morning, then refused to provide a sworn, signed statement.

XXXXXXX -- who told court she has no criminal or psychiatric history -- was the only witness called by defence lawyer Greg Brodsky.

Section 2(b)Again defending crime by attacking her credibility, he also made sure that his friends at the Winnipeg Free Press released the witness’s full name, address and all person’s living in her home, was a taped interview of this witness for the public recorded? and again once authorized photos obtained by a well known dealership/s will show who that motorcycle belonged to

(c) She came under heavy attack during cross-examination from Crown attorney Bob Morrison.
"The man on the ground may have been suffering and you didn't even call an ambulance? Any decent person who witnesses a murder or act of great violence would call the police," said Morrison.
Bass-Amos's explanation was that she didn't actually witness the murder, only the apparent aftermath.

Section 2(c) Well of course people wouldn’t call police, the Hells folklore and the such is a prerequisite to job security and then some. And your Miranda Rights are clearly a very good reason not to talk to police and she evidently had already known this, she prolonged her life by not signing. SMART LADY.

(d) Morrison also questioned the logic in XXXXXXX' claim that two bikers standing over Savoie were laughing, noting Savoie was a member of the Zig Zag Crew, the puppet club for the Hells Angels.

Section 2(d) Yes, ironically, laughing, snorting, and snickering isn’t against the law.

(e) "You do know that the Hells Angels and the Zig Zag Crew didn't find the shooting of Savoie very funny, don't you?" he asked XXXXXX.
XXXXX told Brodsky both men standing over Tokarchuk's body appeared to be wearing the same black leather jackets with a wing logo.

Yes Mr Morrison, expert defense, I must say so myself, again pictures obtained from Winnipeg hotels, bars, and lounges, etc are being processed.

(i) XXXXXXX told court she saw both of the men carrying guns. She told police that only one of the men had a weapon.

If the Police were actually telling the truth, snicker, snicker, why was this woman not being called by the Prosecution, was there no video taped statement to help dismember, mmm, uhhum, discredit her.

Cop snitch called for
To solve Tokarchuk murder
By CARY CASTAGNA, POLICE REPORTER, Winnipeg Sun, May 12, 2004
(f) Witnesses told police they saw a man riding a motorcycle in the area about the time of the shooting.
Section 3(f) Yes because someone knew T.Savoie was angry and they were waiting for what was about to transpire.
(g) Shortly after the slaying, a group with ties to the Hells Angels was allegedly seen at Savoie's grave site, toasting it with champagne.
Section 3(g)First off, this is a false, due to laws of different acts an autopsy report will not and wont be released to the public, not even a judge would allow it if the press tried to contest, not even d.tokarchuk will ever see it. She will never see it.
So saying that class of 92 gathered shortly after the murder is friends of the press misleading the public.

I am the law student who spoke earlier. This is in response to the reply. First of all, what language are you speaking?! When I have my own law firm, I will have an extended knowledge of criminal law. From everything that has unfolded in the Monique Turenne case. Ms. Turenne is guilty as convicted. Now, the only reason she requested Deputy Public Defender, Walter Smith. Is because what the media didn't know at the time. Was that Mr. Smith recently, earlier this year, secured an acquittal for a FLA. woman who was also charged with murder. But the only difference was that this woman was innocent. Monique received information about this acquittal from a jailbird. She replied " Definitely." When Overstreet asked if she would want to retain Mr. Smith.
But I have to agree with an earlier post when it read "Overstreet is not qualified to serve in a murder case." This is a fact. Further research showed that the jurors in Turenne's trial were not in favor of an acquittal. In fact, they were split 3-3 for 1st degree murder. The fact that neither Turenne or Crompton testified didn't bother them (the jury). Because anything, if not nothing, that they would have said carried little weight, or creditably.
As a student of law, I will say that this is a case with one, if not any, appellate issue. But the state's case is pretty strong against Turenne. The only success I see Monique having is........getting a re-trial but nothing in getting released from jail. Also, Monique was upset with her attorney, Mr. Smith, because she got convicted. I agree with Mr. Smith when he says "she was hoping for an acquittal but when things didn't go as she planned. She blamed me. It's typical." That is true.
So next time, don't tell me to shut up and please learn to spell correctly.
One more thing, there is no physical evidence of proving an affair didn't take place other than oral evidence. Considering the source, Ms. Turenne, this "evidence" is worth less than nothing!!

Monique is a liar and family destroyer. She has ruined so many lifes and all the counselling in the world won't help alot of those people. I know her ex husband, he is a kind and generous man. She has ruined the relationship between him and his son, because of lies. You would hope that she would come clean with her oldest son so that he could have a relationship with his father. After all, that's the only parent he has now!!! I hope she has the sense to think about all the things she has done and ask for forgiveness from the people she has hurt. Maybe then she will have some peace in her life. As the judge said at her hearing the lies must stop now!

Attention: Citizens of a morally bankrupt society..

Friday 18 2005.

Judge Scurfield read out his "verdict" against Donna Sarah Anderson. Mother of murdered alledged biker Brad R. Anderson. Mr. Anderson was found dead ...killed execution style Jan. 14 2001.

When the Anderson family reported details about Brad's murder to police agent/s ..RCMP/G/U they were told it wasn't relavent as they claimed (police) it to be a drug deal gone wrong ....as reported in the media..which then was blamed on Hells Angels...

ALL this according to the Anderson family seemed was very suspicious because his body had visible signs of hand cuff marks upon both wrists....BUT no handcuffs were found on his body? At the same time another drug dealer... Ket Trau had gone missing and his body was found in April 2001 not very far from where Brad was found. These two were not just casual aquantences but friends as well.

A last telephone call between Mr. Brad Anderson and his then girlfriend... stated to RCMP/ G/U police and family that Brad was out driving around with another man.. but she couldn't say who he was.. She heard the man tell Brad to put on his seatbelt the cops are going to pull us over.

Brad said I'll call you later. He was never heard from agin and neither was Ket Trau.

When the connection was made between Ket Trau and Brad the family went after the city police for answers.
They got it in the form of police storming their home... arresting them for gun charges, possesion of crack cocain, proceeds of crime and ended up with endless convictions and prison time.

What never came out in the trials of both Mrs. Anderson known as Momma Bear.... or her daughter Dawn Anderson was the fact the RCMP had previously recieved a faxed document stating that the family had found 22 rocks of crack cocain in an apt. at 35 Osborn where Brad had lived prior to his Murder...along with a request for now retired G/U officer Ken Luggs to attend to 161 Hartford and take ALL these items away...Guns were also found, scales, taser and documents about the Hells Angels detailing information about Brad activities with Hells Angels..... Of great interest was the fact that Brad stated cops from G/U (Rogue Crew) would call the Concord and warn the Hells Angels when drug sweeps would happen. The Andersons reported this to RCMP and G/U. and then the trouble really began.

The G/U /vice/WPD.. broke into the home of the Anderson family and took by force with a "staged" warrant which claimed a registered informant said a sawed off shot gun was seen in the Anderson home on the kitchen table. But the only weapons found were the rifles the Andersons were waiting for the police to come and get.. along with three registered hand guns belonging to Mr. Gene Anderson and those also were taken by police.... along with $4,500.00 in cash found in Mr. Andersons side pocket of his easy chair... which was for Brads funeral expenses.. but the police called it proceeds of crime. The money was later returned when Mr. Anderson filed suit against the police... but it was too late to help as Mr. Anderson had to sell his home at a serious loss ...to pay for Brads funeral and the lawyer/s to try and defend himself and his wife and his daughter.

It took four years for the trial of Mrs. Anderson to get to court... and two Registered confidential informants who never appeared, nor were identified in court or anywhere else were said to have been credible by police handlers and Judge Scurfield ...even tho they were completely innacurate.. I will conceed there was a shotgun BUT no sawed off... and the police had prior information of these weapons.. The RCMP knew about the vial containing 22 rocks of crack cocain.... but only 18 were reported as being found by WPD...

At Mrs Anderson's trial it was very clear Judge Scurfield was knowledgable about the activities surrounding the Anderson family because he made a point of stating on record that Brad's murder was NOT relavant and closed the legal door on Mrs Andersons attorney and blocked/suppressed the truth about these matter completely.

The Anderson family co operated fully with police agents at provincial and federal levels... and thier reward was to lose everything ........including freedom.

So if the police come knocking on your door in the middle of the night ... or any other time ..and tell you they can't solve cases because no one cooperates?... Just close your door very quietly and call your family lawyer because they are not there to help you.

Yours truly...

Dear fellow bloggers..

I have read faithfully all the postings and I am amazed at the person/s that are so negative... to the site because if you were put through even a tenth of what others have experienced at the hands of Law enforcement you'd be the first one bawling your eyes out to everyone on this blog... and the hosts of this site deserve praise for telling the truth and no one is forcing you to stay and read it.

Thank you and good day.

Dear fellow bloggers..

I have read faithfully all the postings and I am amazed at the person/s that are so negative... to the site because if you were put through even a tenth of what others have experienced at the hands of Law enforcement you'd be the first one bawling your eyes out to everyone on this blog... and the hosts of this site deserve praise for telling the truth and no one is forcing you to stay and read it.

Thank you and good day.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
Douglas Adams- Posters.


Please!! There is absolutely no truth to what this web-site has reported about the misconduct of the Winnipeg Police Service. Monique Turenne wouldn't be in the Bay County Jail Annex if it weren't for all the lies she told. Also, speaking from a law-abiding perspective. I believe that Ms. Turenne is more involved in her husband's murder that to what she admitted to. If Monique Turenne had nothing to do with her husband's death, she wouldn't have all this information to begin with. No one who has all this information can't deny the fact that she had everything to do with her husband's death. DUH!! Are you (bloggers) that ineffective?! December 16 is right around the corner. This date goes down as one of the best examples of justice being conducted.

Anonymous comment on speaking from a law aiding citizens perspective, your an idiot, if your a law abider your prime target for $$$$, because as many as us have learned who are detailed in this site, know that your rose colored glasses, the very same ones we all on this site were stripped of in the name of cooperation and law abiding, will tell you, and proudly, if you are law abiding, it means you have no record, so you dont anything about truth which is how they like you. Becareful what you what you say because according to your blog you have information that makes you sound suspect, i presume you were at the scene and hopefully when you wake up it wont be to someone eles' tune.Keep talking idiot!Cops love guys like you!

Dear Law Abiding ....

How would you like to go to the hospital and have a doctor operate on your heart or any other portion of your body .... with all the skills of a rail road employee or perhaps a remand guard.... or a halfway house director???

Well dear LAW ABIDING.. citizen that's all the quality Jack Ewatski and his fellow officers at WPD... have for credentials! and they are in charge of prosecuting YOU and others.... and do you know how they decided who gets investigated????? They actually take a vote to target you... next sucker may be YOU!

yes mr adams your very correct, 43 billion, no accountablity, what people are left to learn is how to evade and get away with it, so the aparent disinclination is just honesty. enjoy your tax return this year.

Okay you know what? Just reading your replies makes me think that you, bloggers, have nothing else worthwhile to do. So you make the Winnipeg Police Service your target of effort. Now really that is extremely sad. Again, I repeat Ms. Turenne wouldn't have all this information if she weren't involved in her husbands death. It's just common-sense, an example would be. Let's say I ask you about a CD that went missing from my apt. You told me exactly what the title of the CD was before I mention the type of CD that was missing. Right there I would suspect you took it. Ms. Turenne is guilty and I only wish the conviction wasn't a 1st degree charge. But she will be an old lady when she comes out. Justice has been served to family of David Turenne. R.I.P.

I would have to agree with the law-abiding, and law student previous post's on here. These young people are intelligent beyond their years. They can see through what BS this web-site is trying to pursude eveyone else to believe. My hats off to both of you young men, or people. Keep up the research!!!

I, the law student, am a male of 23 years old. Thanks for the compliment. This case is intriguing when you first hear of it. The hours of research are worth it when you can piece together what exactly prosecutors are implicating. Makes a lot of sense. They (prosecutors) suspect that Monique Turenne and Ralph Crompton stole the "claw-hammer" from a work bench. The affair that did Happen is proven because what exactly would Mr. Crompton have to lose by making this up.

this is the law-abiding person, I am also a male of 20 years old. My only ally on spreading the truth about the Monique Turenne case is the law student. We should work together on the truth surrounding this particular case. As they say "two young minds are smarter and stronger than a zealot's." That is what these people are when they claim "police misconduct". Wouldn't u agree with me, law student?

ATTN: Law Abiding and Law Student
Perhaps while your in your dorm you two can discuss not only the Turennes but the Milguards and the Sophonows, and the Driskalls and the Ungers, and and and, the list goes on and on and on, because the information you think you may have is not what is really happening here. 2 wrongs dont make a right sir, and your very right, its funny about zealots, because unfortunately these zealots are employed by the WPS, and their belifes are whats causing the lack of convictions here in this province.Forging lying and creating edvidence is a make work project for all involved.
And you too arent fooling anyone here on this site that isent so wet behind the ears that creating annoyance for personal enjoyment or looking for power makes you know different than a ganster who is just a clueless as your two are, save it for the stage, no one here needs anymore victimization, especially from two people whove led themselves to believe that they have full disclosure on the matter at hand, give it up, no one on the privy council is under 60, and they looooooove you. Idiots.

Too law student: you raise a very interesting point but lets look at the recent ammendments made to the stalking laws, in the silent witness cases where a person is murdered by partner, would it be fair to assume that perhaps crompton did have his own agenda, and if you look at mrs turenne, whos not even a 100 lbs, its just physically impossible, and shes the one doing the hard time, moreover, in the US she would have had nothing to gain from the insurance companines becuase those wills for soldiers are already set, his money was no different that the next soldier, its policy.
Now i read in your blog that you have investigated this case, would you be willing to look at the case of Charles Nyg, the serial killer that was held in winnipeg and look into his records and see if you see what i see, that perhaps mrs turenne was a patsy in exchange for the extradition and detainment of Mr Charles Nyg, a prisoner swap lets call it because it fits more than the prosecutions, (theyre told what to do ill add), views on cromptons involvement and what he had to gain.
Im anxiously awaiting your response, i have the file number on Nyg if your interested, cause it fits, it just fits.

Great Blog!

I came across your blog by accident....then was intrigued! Chip http://www.focusedinterview.com

I came across your blog by accident....then was intrigued! Chip http://www.focusedinterview.com

Law student:
Soon, soon, We will have our own web-site to counter-act what b/s this web-site is about. I really feel sorry for all u zealots. But please try to get over your anger and move on. Cause one day you will need to the Winnipeg Police Service. Then you (fanatics) will also be hypocritical for accepting their assistance. Truth hurts doesn't it?! LOL. Cuz u know I am right.

Good Job :))

Chip http://www.focusedinterview.com

hey ally and lawstudent.
The Federal Accountabilty Act is proof you should stay on MSN. LOL LOL
Young dumb and full of.......
Ive taken the liberty of emailing both your blog sites and your comments here to all the MLA'S, and the members of the Privy Council.
They obviuosly need to know that our tax dollars is being waisted on education!
Ur lucky Skoog aint around to tapp your ass for a grade cause I have a feeling youd do it!

Law Student:
I have uncovered another startling fact about Ms. Turenne. This woman doesn't care or seem to realize by forcing her son, Daniel Paille, to testify under oath at her June trial. That she put her own son's freedom at risk because the judge presiding could have found him in contempt of court and for lying while under oath. The fact that this young man's creditability was at stake just nails my point home. But all that does not matter because the State Attorneys case against Ms. Turenne is rock solid and she will serve out the remainder of her slap on the wrist sentence. Justice for the family of David Turenne.

The state's so-called "rock-solid" case is based on manufactured evidence which was sworn to by the two Winnipeg cops. They should be and will be charged with malfeasance and perjury as well as malicious prosecution at the end of the day.

Monique's son, Danny, testified at his own request and told the truth on the stand.

I had strongly encouraged Monique, a few years ago, to sue Pat Oscarson and others who defamed her in the media (mostly the Sun papers) to sue them for defamation. The mismanagement of David Turenne's estate is also cause for severe criminal charges.

In 2006, when a law student makes such sweeping statements without checking back to the original investigation, we have to wonder what they are being taught.

Of course Florida had enough "evidence" to convict Monique Turenne. The problem is that it was not proper evidence and it was never properly scrutinized.

I was reading the comments made on this website and found them interesting. It's amazing that young law students are being critized because of their age, that's sad, I have met alot of idiots that are middle aged. Stick to the issue at hand and quit acting like "old" know it alls!!!Do you know Monique personally, because I know her ex "alive" husband very well. I thank God that he didn't remain in that marriage, it could have been him. Monique is a selfish person, when it comes to her son's, she should be encouraging relationships with their extended families. As she is not here to help them with issues and concerns young people deal with everyday. It's sad that she hasn't made any attempt to fix those relationships, her son's should be first and foremost on her mind as she sits in a cell!!!!
What mother wouldn't put their children first....a mother that is selfish!!!!If her behaviour of motherhood is an indication of her selfishness...I believe she is where she needs to be. It's sad but true!!! Let these young future lawyers express their feelings and respect their opinions, as you want yours respected. Grow UP!!!!

Law student:

Ahh, thank you very much I am all misty-eyed. That's a very interesting perspective you said in your blog. I put in alot of "free" hours to research this case. It was alot of work and I presented some facts that were not published in the media. These people basically chose not to believe it and they still think the Winnipeg Police Service is so corrupt to where they (police) would actually "frame" one of Winnipeg's citizens (Monique). This is a plot right out of a movie and these people, on this blog, want to live in this "bad police power to the people who were wronged" fantasy. And yet who are they going to call if they were to experience being a victim of a crime? As I said earlier:
The truth hurts doesn't it?!

The facts are in....Monique is in jail...for a very long time, thank God!!! She can't hurt anyone while in there! She is blaming everyone but herself.
The Wpg Police have better things to do with their time than harrass citizens! They are doing their job with little pay and little respect. If people don't believe they can do their jobs, why not join the police service and perform at a so called "higher level".
People love to critize, blame others, and be the "victim"..... What about the man (Monique's husband) that was killed.
The police in the U.S. and Canada did their jobs and put the killer behind bars. If anyone did their research, they would have found out that Monique leaves a trail of devastation, which she doesn't ever own up too!!!! Do your research throughly and find out the truths about the killers past and personality.
We can debate this for another 20 years, but, Monique is where she should be!!!!!
I am a Canadian citizen that respects the police force and wouldn't hesitate to call for help, as all you whiners would.

Law Student:

Amen to that!

It is interesting that David Turenne's ex-husband Henry and Turenne's sister Pat have now teamed up to compound the lies they told about Monique after David's death. I had strongly advised Monique to sue them for the hurtful lies they told the media during her years in Winnipeg.

Anyone who gets on a soap box in 2006 and proclaims the glories of all police is not paying attention to the increasing incidents of police corruption which are being exposed. Mike Jones from Florida and Loren Schinkel and Jim Thiessen from Winnipeg are dishonest, corrupt cops who conspired to frame Monique Turenne for murder.

Law Student:

Here's another fact. Juror Michael Williams was selected along with three other men and two women to be on the jury. Up until he was selected he knew nothing of Monique Turenne. During liberations the jurors were split 3-3 on a first degree conviction. He said that it was Monique's statement to Canadian officials that convinced the jurors that she was guilty of something. Michael Williams said when they (jurors) had the statement read back to them they were looking for parts in the statement where Turenne admits sending her husband from the house and where she said she did not know he was going to be killed. Williams said the first part shows her premeditation and the second part showed jurors a case of second degree murder. Williams said "She knew something was going to happen by sending him outside to go to the store. That shows premeditation but what level of premeditation is it?" Williams said that is where the debate was and that he feels that Turenne was far more involved with her husbands murder than to what she admitted to. Jurors decided the Canadian statement was credible and the Winnipeg officers were very professional. So as you can tell from this research that Turenne is guilty either way and I hope I opened your eyes a little bit.

The statement from Canadian Police was manufactured from speculation provided by Florida cop Mike Jones to the Winnipeg cops.

Not only did they make up the nine page statement, Loren Schinkel swore an affidavit stating it was authentic.

Panama City cop Mike Jones was not satisfied that the Canadian military had properly investigated Canadian oficer David Turenne's murder. Even though they had held Monique while they went over the crime scene, and after a two day investigation, cleared Monique Turenne and put her and her children on a military plane back to Canada.

Fabricating confessions is nothing new and when it happens across borders, it is even more difficult to defend. This also happened with Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns, Canadian citizens who were convicted of murder based on fabricated confessions from Canadian police obtained by methods which are illegal in the U.S.

In both these cases U.S. courts have deferred to the "stellar" reputations of Canadian police who abuse this reputation to magically turn lies into "truth".

The "confession" Monique Turenne gave to Thiessen and Schinkel was not taped or recorded in any way. Yet it is a nine page typed statement with her "signature" at the bottom of each page.

She was not even aware that this perjured statement existed when it was presented to the Florida Grand jury.

To law student,

I am very impressed by your quest for the truth. The only thing I can say in your defence is that Ms. Steele is in denial. She is refusing to even listen or reason logically with your research!! I mean, like holy ****!! Are you sure you not in Florida covering this?! Anyways, keep the info coming and I will pass it on. I already told alot of my friends about your research.

Take care,

Your friend,

Law Student:

I just found out another intriguing fact about this particular web-site. It is soo unbelievable to even think that the Police unit's all over the U.S & Canada would "conspire" to frame a citizen. I mean, if that were the case, the UN Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International would have intervened long before Ms. Turenne had gone to trial. It's not just a fact but common-sense as well.

Right on Lawly right on!!


Is that law school or sheep school you guys go to?

First Sheila, Henry wasn't married to David, it was Monique.
Second, did it ever occur to you that there are numerous people that can attest to the comments made about Monique. I haven't heard you make any comments about her son's welfare. They don't have parents any longer, thanks to Monique!!!What do you have to say about that?
Third, what is your special interest in this case? How long have you known Monique? Can you really say that you know her?
This woman is a monster!!!!
Fourth, she has put her parents in the poor house, trying to save her.
They are both elderly and don't have alot of money, thanks to her.
They have other children that have been embarrassed by her (MOnique).
Her children have had to change their last names thanks to her!!! If she is innocent, which she isn't, they wouldn't have to change their names.
MY GOD! Think lady! The police on both sides of the border have better things to do, than pursue innocent people.
Do your research and then speak.

Law Student:

I wouldn't talk Ms. Steele compare me to you I am that much more intelligent than you. Where are your diplomas? and what exactly, degree or Bachelor of Arts diploma do you have to be taken seriously? Anyone who is for "exposing corruption" would have some form of evidence to back that claim up. I gave this web-site address to some RCMP or Winnipeg Police Service members and they exact respond to everything that's on here was "hahahahaha. Our union boss is corrupt." And they were sarcastic about everything you wrote about their boss. No one believes anything, if not nothing, on this glorified supermarket tab. page. This is one person is see's through everything your trying to spin. Turenne is guilty so get over it and get on with your life!!

Wow did they ever hit on a nerve on you lawy. What exactly are you pursuing in university? Are you studying to be a UN lawyer or prosecutor? You are known to me as a "future" junk yard dog who loves the police force.LOL.


Thank you Ms. Steele for sticking up for Monique and for believing in her like we do. Those of us who know her are aware of the truth and that is all that really matters. David's family, Henry and the rest of the self-professed "intelligent" people who have put in their 2 cents worth seem to find sadistic pleasure in slandering someone who is not in a position to defend herself. As for Monique's sons, I have first-hand knowledge that they are fine, intelligent, creative, handsome and well-adjusted young men who stand behind their mother 100%. Not because they have been brainwashed but because they know the truth. We see and speak with them all the time. To the person who described Henry as a kind and generous man, thank you for the best laugh I've had in years. Obviously you don't know him very well but that's okay. It was still very funny. I find it odd that everyone is so quick to judge Monique yet no one is commenting on the kind of man David Turenne really was. I knew him before and after they were married and can vouch that he was no saint. Did he deserve to be murdered? Of course not but his lifestyle should have been examined to determine who had cause to want him dead.

The person that made the commment about Henry being generous and kind was funny, plus that David wasn't a great person. It's funny they are both victims of Moniques, yet she is the one in jail. Think about it....
Monique's in jail, one husband has moved on with his life and the other is dead.....hmmmmm.....Monique is the ultimate black widow!!!!
One day her son's will meet women that will straighten out the boys, see through the bs and hopefully help them through counselling. Then MOnique hopefully will met her match. I'd love that.
Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Law Student:

So if you know the "real" Monique which is actually an ironic thing since she is the one doing hard time. Why didn't all of you rallied to testify in her defense when she actually needed it?! And not post those funny antidotes about her?! Put it this way the federal government would not have extradited her if they knew that she was innocent. Why would they make the tax-payers foot all the legal procedures and the extradition package?! All of you who claim corruption by just about everyone in authority don't deserve to live in this civilized society. As I said earlier you will be the ones to call the police if you were to ever be a victim of a crime!! So take that!!

Law Student:

The date is July 15 and I posted a comment which dated in May. hmmm...not a single response how interesting.

I have been victumized by the RCMP department.Someone from somewhere in Manitoba has tried several times to run down my 10 year old son.Many times we have reported it and the police make fun of us.They even asked me if I was on any medication.They know my son has ADHD so they already have him labeled as a troubled child.That still does not give the police the right to ignore our concerns.I even wrote to the police commissioner,but I see that did no good either.So for as any one whom thinks the police are angels I;d rather relye on the Hells Angels for my help and protection any day.Maybe if you were in some one elses shoes that is constantly being victumized and the police don;t give a shit then maybe you would know that police are not perfect or honest either,they are human too only.We are talking about a 10 year old child here and these people have been doing this for 3 years.Police don;t care if these people succeed in killing my son because theres no money envolved.They prefer to go after speeders so they can gain money in giving out speeding tickets.Once in a while my son will go missing,and you know the last thing the police said to me.Well we have better things to do then look for your fucken son all the time.No I turn to my friends when I need help not crocked,uncaring cops.What is this bull shit logal,TO SERVE AND PROTECT.Yeah maybe thier friends only.Theres alot of crime out here,but no one reports it to the police because they do nothing anyway.I write this on behalf of all of Neepawa,Carberry,Glennella,Arden and surrounding areas.

I think it's interesting that people are blaming the police and not the law makers. After all didn't they send Monique back to the states to face trial. This was the result of evidence found by the Florida law enforcement. Monique is a big time loser that destroys anyone or anything in her path. I know that her time in prison will help her adjust her attitude. There the other prisoners will definitely let her know that she isn't in control. Maybe there really is justice....
Notice that she can't make any relationship work!? Her two husbands have friends and family that love or loved them. Monique doesn't have the right to destroy people by being just plain ignorant and vicious.
Her sons, I highly doubt that they are well adjusted after this mess. They should go for counselling, to learn how to deal with the bad set of cards they were dealt when they learnt the truth about their murderous mother. My god!...it must be hard for children to deal with that. Oh...by the way...if the boys are that well adjusted, why were their last names changed? Please fill me in, very curious!
I'm assuming it's because they can't be proud of their mother...surprise, surprise...
The only scary thing about Monique is that she will learn even more techniques in prison and when she is an old women out of prison, what will she do next?
Think before you speak about her son's, it's common sense that they will need help.

found the last comment interesting.
Don't worry, Monique is finally paying for her actions.
As her son's have been raped of a normal life, Monique is also being raped.
Justice finally

Law Student:

Well my last year here in the Pre-law before School of Law. Pretty interesting points by the last two posts. I have been following this case since 2004 at first I didn't know how he was. Before that I didn't really know much about the "Monique Turenne" legal saga to begin with. But as the case and evidence unfolded I have decided to side with the Winnipeg and Florida police on this matter. Because all the evidence is so damning that includes her hand written statement. If Monique is not guilty of 2nd degree murder then I will be shocked and hope to be corrected. But as it stands right now she is guilty of a horrific crime be it Manslaughter or 2nd degree murder. She is not completely INNOCENT!! I will tell you that much!! No one who didn't have all this information about their spouse's murder is innocent. Let's face she knew who killed her husband Ralph Crompton did. But she refused to be forthcoming in the aftermath so that pretty much indicates she was far more involved in her husbands murder than to what she admitted to!!

Case closed.

I applaud the law student! Of course she knew everything because she was there! Your right, why didn't she call the authorities if she knew Ralph (her lover) killed her husband. Because of the whole situation. But being upfront and honest is definitely not one of "her" strong points. Actually it's foreign to her!!!! Even though she was having an affair, she could have been honest and a free woman today, ....but because she was part of the plan to kill..she tried to flee and blame others. Typically of her and her supporters. I don't think she will understand how honestly is the best policy.

Law Student and associate:

A classmate of mine and I recently went over the entire web-site with a fine tooth comb. The conclusion we came to a good long hearty laugh. Partly because the "alleged" Diablo (Dan Lett's article), being scared into silence for nine years, the secret link between Quebec and Florida, and etc. Also, it seems to us the Sheila Steele is so gulliable to believe Monique Turenne's lies without logical reasoning!! Please if you ever want to be taken seriously, all you Turenne supporters, do your research and back them up. Like I said earlier, if you people knew Monique Turenne thoroughly why didn't any of you volunteer to testify in her defense when she actually needed it!!

Airlines Profiling Victims!: Need Voice To Speak Our Tragedy:
For More Information Please Contact:
Aaron James a_j99@myway.com
Linda James 204 632 5598
*I amOf mixed Eastern/Black ethnicity Profiled on board a NWA aircraft due to ethnicity and size, persecuted, attacked, falsely framed by MN Airport Police then subjected to false malicious court prosecution fraught with illegal application of law and *threats. Finally subject to illegal intimidation tactics imposed incessantly thereafter by *FBI(http://www.clr.org/FBI-involvement.html) ,illegal threats from* Judge David S. Doty (who has a history of charges against him!-http://www.clr.org/fed-judges.html see bottom of page for his name) *NSA, MN Police, and other conspicuous factions that have terrorized my family and I for 7 months now.
*Just Recently another group of minorities also from Winnipeg, Muslims and minorities as we are, have been profiled and attacked on board an aircraft in the U.S. (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20060908.wxmuslim08/BNStory/National)
>Left in a pool of blood in the middle of an isle aboard aircraft, having been attacked
by 5 officers with family looking on in disbelief.
>Jailed, no Miranda Rights, subject to FBI interrogation and other threats.

Some of the terror tactics they have imposed on us over the last 7 months:

>Jury Pool laced with members and/or affiliates of FBI, CIA, NSA, MN Police etc.
(Hard Copy Proof Available)
>Sabotaged by ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones who conspired against us to convict, with the prosecution see: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/FRAMED99/petition.html
>Threats left on answering machines of friends assisting me warning them to stay away.
>Legal Registered Mail Intercepted and Sabotaged
>Illegal Surveillance by FBI (see also http://www.clr.org/FBI-involvement.html )
>Phone Lines Tapped
>Constant Hang Up Phone Calls
>Human Computer Spy Ware Sabotage: Firewalls purged, passwords made defunct, information removed right off desktops (Corroborated by friends of mine who have attempted to assist me)
>Email Accounts Constantly made defunct to prevent our communication of their acts to outside resource.
>Border threat call by U.S. border personnel.

***All of the above is irrefutably proven and corroborated in the accompanying attachments through scan-ins of jury pool and quoted statements from police and witnesses.

For More Information Please Contact:
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Law Student:

Here's something I have been following for the past couple of months now. The James Driskell Inquiry but now the media is starting to actually speculate about his factual innocence. Mr. Driskell himself is starting to reveal the characteristics of someone with something to hide. He has repeatly stated in the local media the remainder of his sentence can be divided up however the justice officials see fit. But yet as the same time he is maintaining his innocence while saying divide his remaining sentence? Now that I don't get and am inclined to actually believe he was involved in his best friends murder.

Law Student:
Nov. 24/2006

Sorry to hear about Ms. Sheila Steele's unfortunate and untimely passing. She was an intelligent woman. Even though I didn't agree with her on some aspects I respected her.


It's interesting, I haven't been on this site for a while, but I have heard that Monique that a hearing in Feb.07. What's the results of this hearing. No comment!?
What's that life destroyer up too?
Has she dealt with the problems she has caused her family yet?
The devastation she has caused her family? I would love to know!
She is looking a little older, not so intriguing for a another man to kill?

March 11/2007
Law Student:

Well to answer your question regarding her hearing the three justice panel of the First District Court of Appeals denied her bid to have her conviction overturned this past Thursday. She still has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court of Florida but cases, such as hers, are rarely granted. So it looks like she won't be out until the year 2034 now. Also the Appeals Courts written that she fled to Winnipeg hours before an arrest warrant was issued.

I would have to say that the Winnipeg police service is corrupt. They have ties Hells Angles and the mob.
There was that one officer who was an informant for the HA.
They get paid off by the big drug traffickers to ignore them.
Not to forget to mention that child prostitution has become a big business in Manitoba and nothing is getting done about it.

Look at the new wave of officers being hired right now.
That should be a clue.
Many of Winnipeg's top leaders and businessmen are getting their hands dirty in a real bad way.
***Winnipeg's elite and criminal organizations are working together.

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.....and the israeli commandos caused 9/11 and the smurfs are all klansmen.

how is it that every retard with a criminal record and crack head neglective parent who has their children taken away by the authorities feels it is a result of wrongdoing on the part of the police or the courts? and why is it that every NWO conspiracy theorist takes these low-life's ramblings as gospel? do you all suffer from mental health issues?

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it's interesting....., all these years later and she (Monique) is still in jail. not so innocent!!!
I wonder how her son's are doing? Do they have a happy life? Did they marry, do to university? Have family events to attend? How about holidays? I hope they moved on and are living productive happy lifes, enough though their mother was selfish....

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